Environmental Management

We establish and preserve the best practices in cane handling and planting as examples of transparency and social-environmental responsibility. To involve the employees in the discussion of environmental issues is fundamental to guide them in new positions that involve respect for the environment, encouraging more sustainable practices that aim at preserving nature
Reforestation and conservation of riparian woods
Viralcool administrates the tree´s seedlings plantations in areas of permanent conservation and around the springs of streams and rivers, thus protecting riparian woods. For this, it counts on a own nursery for seedlings of native and fruit trees. It also collaborates with neighboring municipalities, making donations of seedlings for municipal reforestations..
The production units have Effluent Treatment Stations, which avoid waste emission into rivers within their operational areas.
In addition, with correct waste management actions, Viralcool won the CADRI-Certificate of Movement of Residues of Environmental Interest, issued by CETESB..
Waste Management
Viralcool, in a green way, phases out the generated waste that can not be disposed of in ordinary garbage, such as: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), batteries, tires, drums, waste oils and sanitary fluids, besides of fluorescent flakes or lamps.
The electronic waste generated by the company and its employees, also receive a special attention and correct destination, being provided to companies that do a sorting and decontamination of them.
There is also a selective waste collection within the company with a separation of dry and wet garbage. In addition, a 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) project began by replacing disposable cups with individual plastic mugs, thereby reducing the amount of waste disposed of.
Environmental Certificates
Over the years, Viralcool has achieved important environmental seals thanks to its concern for nature. Following the adhesion to the Agro-Environmental Protocol of the Sugar-Energy Sector, it was awarded the Green Ethanol certificate, designed to encourage sustainable production of biofuel from sugarcane.

The company is also certified with Green Energy Seal, for producing and consumers companies of clean and renewable energy.

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